My introvert friends, you are not alone

The world is full of diversity. There are different types of persons all around us. Some of them are quite different than others. Introverts are one of them. I personally feel like introversion is a topic which is less discussed. The extroverts don’t exactly know the way introverts see the world. Probably the cause is introverts don’t like to open up. The main thing that makes introverts different is: their quite, solitary nature and less social interacting habit, where it seems that most of the people around them are much ‘social’ than them. Introverts like to spend more time with themselves than spending time with others. That’s why they seem ‘unsocial’.As an introvert, I have to face and deal with a lot of problems. I think every introverts have faced and dealt with these problems. I am sharing this to tell them that, “You are not alone. There are a lot of people like you out there.”

I have found out my different nature around my age of 13. It felt like I see the world in a way that is different than my classmates or same age people. So I couldn’t interact with them as freely as they do. I couldn’t share things that made my heart beat, because they would not take it the way I felt. I had a friend then who had some similarity with me, so I didn’t feel lonely then. But the next year when my friend left school, I faced the pain of loneliness for the first time. It grew day by day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am facing it again. No one to share how I feel, things that excite me, or things that hurt me, my pains. Sometimes it feels like I have fallen into a black hole. No way out and no one will come to me. Sometimes my classmates (don’t want to call them my friends) make me feel like being introvert and having different thoughts than others is my crime. I named it ‘silent bullying’. During school times, my so-called friends hung out with the ‘smart and fun to have around’ girls. Their behaviour made me think that I am not as interesting as others and so I don’t have the right of claiming time. No one understood my pain and they didn’t know how hard it is to make a friend for an introvert. To me,school became a synonym of depression. To be honest, I yearned for hanging out with friends like others. No,not like others. I wanted to have a friend who will accept me just the way I am and treat me just the way I am.

During the lockdown, I came to know about LOVE MYSELF. I loved the concept and started practising loving myself. It leads me to accept myself just the way I am. I loved my introvert nature and loved my unique characteristics. And I take them as my possibilities. Now I have become far better and happier than I used to. My perceptions have changed a lot now. Positive change. When constantly staying at home depressed and frustated others, I really enjoyed the time. I used this time to make time for myself and do the things that I love. And as I prefer less social interacting, the time was really one of the best times in my life. I am still lonely. Even lonelier than before,because unfortunately I have lost my only friend this year. But now I have learned how to deal with it and still be happy with it. In past times I thought if I don’t have at least one friend my life will fall apart. Now I know that is not true. Everything will be alright if I love myself, trust myself and love what I do.

I urge all my introvert friends to accept and love themselves. Instead of listening to the false criticism of others, you should try and learn to enjoy your introvert life just the way it comes to you. You are beautiful. I know it is painful sometimes, but the pain is your power. You may be lonely, but you can turn your loneliness into something special. Always remember that you are an unique and special one. I suggest you to share your story and speak yourself. It may feel that no one is listening, but try it. I remember a song I have listened to recently : Whalien 52,which tells the story of a lonely whale, who was lonely because of it’s different frequency. Actually it is the story of ourselves. The song’s lyrics tell to raise our voices. One day it will reach the other side of the world. Use your introspection for being a better ‘you’. You will discover limitless possibilities inside of you. Live for yourself, smile for yourself. You are the one who can make the world a better place for you.

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Taieba Tabassum

I have some physical disabilities. I am suffering from Bethlem Myopathy.