The fact that you are here means that you are already engaged in supporting, encouraging and helping other women & girls. THANK YOU for all that you do. If you do not feel ready to share a story today, we hope you will read some of the stories others have shared and return whenever you are ready to publish one of yours.

On World Storytelling Day, 2020, we launched @SayItForwardNow’s bi-weekly chats – #ThePowerOfStories – with the goal of encouraging and inspiring each other to remain hopeful, kind and compassionate while many of us around the world were “staying home”. A beautiful community has grown since then, and these 30-minute chats continue to be heart-warming and uplifting. We are very grateful to people from 14 countries who join us, some each time and others occasionally. You can find the dates and times of these chats on any of our social media accounts. We hope you will join us and share your perspectives on the various topics we cover. We are @SayItForwardNow on X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram and Facebook, and we look forward to hearing from you!

You are also invited to join the monthly Women’s Circles hosted by our sister site, AwakeningYourTrueSelf.com. You can find additional information about the Women’s Circles at AwakeningYourTrueSelf.com
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There are hundreds and hundreds of worthwhile organizations that support and celebrate the empowerment of women & girls. We’ve provided an initial list of sites here and invite you to send us links to other not-for-profit organizations working to advance the health, safety and empowerment of women & girls locally, globally, or across multiple countries.