My Dream to Inspire Kids / teens through my terrible school experiences

My Dream To Help And Inspire Students In Similar Situations

Hi everyone I am Angela, I am 17 years, and I live in Delhi The story I am sharing is based on the experience I have when I was in my birthplace Hyderabad

My story will be based on all the traumatic experiences I went through during my schooling years

I used to be bullied in school from 4th class till 9th class first month of school I was bullied because in my class there were only 2 girls who were dark,(including me) I was treated very harshly by my whole class except 4 kids I was never good at maths even simple calculations and till now I am having trouble maths class The worst part was that when I used to go to my school counselor she would say nothing as she promised and the counselor always told the kids that I am complaining against them
After a terrible incident in 7th class when a girl told me she would stop bullying me I trusted her and she kept on harassing me and she was the leader of the bullies and kept blackmailing me and also saying that she would spread all false rumors

After that I went to 9th class in another school there my social teacher was the main reason for just bringing my self-confidence from 5 -0 She kept insulting me in front of my class and if ever anyone would want to speak out she would tell them she would fail them

Once she didn’t allow me to go to the washroom even though I kept crying and shouting as I had my periods suddenly and she started laughing when I wanted to go to meet my school counselor, my class teacher said no one will believe me and she said she would fail me in my half-yearly exams

I complained against them and my mother was always there to support me and made me get help mentally since I was depressed

It was unbearable after that I dropped out of school started studying through NIOS and mom got a job in Delhi so we shifted here

So through my experience, I want to help students in a similar situation to speak up and don’t worry about failing that’s not important

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