We launched this video page for women who prefer to speak their story rather than write it. Some of these videos were recorded at international conferences we were fortunate to attend. We invite you to share one of YOUR stories of overcoming the fears, beliefs, or circumstances that once held you back in any way.  We know that your story can encourage and inspire many other women & girls.

We are very grateful to Elisa Gambino of One Productions for her excellent advice and tireless support, and we admire her commitment to the empowerment of women & girls in her personal and professional life.  We also extend many thanks to Scott Hayes of Altera Web and to Michele Bires of Sefcik Productions for their work in first bringing this video page to life.

“Stories are tools of transformation”

VIDEO: Kristen Ali Eglinton, PhD, is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Footage, a nonprofit organization “raising voices to elevate lives through creative research, media arts, and...

“You are not alone”

VIDEO: Elisa Balabram, a lecturer, business coach and author, was born in Brazil and now lives in the USA. In this video, Elisa highlights why it is important for women to share their...

“Every story matters…including yours!”

VIDEO: Yodit Kifle Smith shares her perspective on the power of sharing our stories and introduces our new social media campaign, #ThePowerOfStories, in which we hope to hear YOUR thoughts...

Keep Telling Your Story

VIDEO: Esenam Nyador reminds us that it is our right to share story and important that tell it ourself, and shares some aspects of her story in this brief conversation with Elisa Gambino...

The Influence of Stories

VIDEO: Aleksandra Kuljanin explains that our individual background and experiences shape our world and our surroundings, in this conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place. 

Valuing Different Perspectives

VIDEO: Aïcha Baldé shares her thoughts about how sharing stories can help promote shared and common values we have, in this brief conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place. 

Stories Lift Us Up

VIDEO: Margaret Kyakunda Mubanda talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about #ThePowerOfStories to lift us up, to educate and to inspire ourselves and others.

YOUR story is unique

VIDEO: Sharon D’Agostino talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about why every woman’s story matters, and why she hopes you will share one of yours!

Mothers Have Power

VIDEO: Franscisca Mandeya, author of Mother Behold Thy Son, talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about “the power of a mother to transform this world.”