Hi, I’m Fedella, i liked to be called Della, any ways, my life was perfect. I had a nice boyfriend sammy but then on my 16 th birthday, sammy gave me a pregnancy test as a joke. I decided to test it out. I was so stunned when the results were positive. I told my parents and they took me to the medic but they also said that I was pregnant. My parents were both very supportive though. Thay got me everything I needed and helped me a-lot. A few months past and i was now five months pregnant. One morning, as went down stairs to the kitchen, i lost balance and fell down literally all the stars. I screamed in pain. My mother told me to try to sit up but I just can’t move. My mom took me to the hospital and we found out that I broke both my legs and my hips and my right arm. My mom asked the doctor how long it will take to recover. Then the doctor said that I had some kind of medical problem and that my bones are weaker then average and he didn’t know how long it would take to recover. My life was miserable after that. Sammy was still as sweet as usual and helped me a-lot. About two weeks before I gave birth. Their was a big kick at my ribs and i felt it snap. I screamed in pain as sammy drove me to the hospital. He pushed my wheelchair into the doctors office and the doctor immediately taped my ribs up. He offered me to stay for a few nights and I agreed. One morning I woke up finding myself in a wet puddle. My water broke. I called the doctor and he came. But just when i was pushing, their was a pain in my back and I blacked out. Later sammy told me that they had to cot the baby out and that when I passed out I fell off the bed and that I broke my spine. Now i am currently in Sammy’s house still in braces which I would have to wear the rest of my life. My son Jasper is seven years old now.