Being a Shadow

Dedication: My Mother who is the strongest and sweetest person I knew.

I lost my father to heart attack at very young age of 3 months, and post his demise my mother was my everything. I have no memories of my father and as a single parent, my mother was the backbone of my family. Times weren’t always easy, but no matter what, she never failed to maintain gentle kindness and strength. She took care of all my needs without letting me feel depressed/sad. She was the strongest woman in my life. Every waking moment of my life I spent beside her. I was her shadow and would follow her wherever she went. If she was cooking, I would stand next to her. If she was watching her favorite daily soap, I would watch that with her. I would eat what she ate.

At 22 when my mother passed away, I found myself complaining that my mother left me without teaching me the basics of how to lead your life. I spent the next 2 years of my life being very angry with her and blamed her for being unsuccessful. I punished myself for not being able to save her by giving up in life.

Suddenly life took a turn, and I was posed with an opportunity to pursue Masters in United States. After crossing several hurdles like the decline of education loan to rejection of visa, things started falling in place. I moved to the United States and started living alone, and that is when I started noticing the little lessons she taught me without trying. While cooking my favorite meal, I knew exactly how much ingredients was required, and while cleaning and organizing, I remembered all the things that I learnt just by observing and shadowing her. Slowly, I started to realize that my mom is always with me in my values, habits and lifestyle. Little things remind me of her presence and how she taught me be a strong human being.

Over the years, my anger and frustration disappeared. Family and friends who knew my mother tell me that I have my mother’s smile so every time they see me smile, it reminds them of my mother. Today my mother is the reason I smile and stay happy. The example set by her in my life has shaped who I am today and have allowed me to conquer anything that my way. Indeed, she did teach me how to lead a happy life and stay strong.

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Heena Purkait

Hi, my name is Heena Purkait, and currently I live in the Boston area. Join me to find the right balance between Corporate (work) and Dreamer (play) life ! I often find myself looking for the true purpose of life. Corporate Life – Test engineer by profession for the medical device industry. Dreamer Life – Traveling, Dancing (Work in Progress), Eating (yes, that’s one of my hobbies), Watching TV shows & movies, meeting new people and playing with kids. P.S: Life is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION, there are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken. Learn to enjoy the RIDE ????