My Life ????

Dedication: Yes

At 18.07.2005 I was born
My dad divorced with my mum when she was pregnant with me and I wasnt born yet
Well I formed this up myself because no one told me the story and till now my family didnt tell me anything about it but my brothers wife told me everything and I believed her because I know part of the story I remembered a woman that said she is my mother when I was on a call with her
I live with my grandmother which is pretending to be my mother till now . Basically my father took me away from my mother and married another woman
And he gave me to his parents which are my grandparents and they are acting to be my parents
So now my real father is my brother
All I know about my mother is that she lives in Lebanon and she is Lebanese she has long black hair
And its straight like mine and she looks like me alone I saw her picture once…I found her number on my grandmas phone and I saved it without her noticing
I am scared I dont know what to do next should I text my mother ? I dont really know what to do I am hurt inside.