My Way To Say Anxiety ‘Bye’

Everyone knows that oneday everything will be fine no matters what happened and I just thought that why the people cant handle there situation. it is easy for everyone to get rid of any problem so easily , thought that if i was in there place i just do whatever i want because
everything is in your hand but now i know you cant but atleast you try to handle the situation.. .
there are thousands of people in this world who is suffering from anxiety and depression and i m one of them.
I am a medical student and i am 3 rd year M.B.B.S student and i am a hostellite away from my family and dont know how to handle the situations…
there is so much pressure on us from our society.and i was having a fight with my friends. and my friend whom i called my best friend ditched me an i thought i dont want to live here . i know it is very difficult to handle the situations because
one very first time when i had a anxiety attack i didnt realize that it was an attack.
i was panick having a fear to lose everything, palpitations, fear of dying , restlesness, insomia, sweating and may other symptoms of anxiety,
i was unaware of this so i just try to please myself… i thought that i am taking my studies to seriousy so i should start something else i began to watch movies.
so finally that fear and the symptoms were gone
i was like yeah thats the reason why i was so panick then after fewdays same thing happens to me
and i didnt know what to do i just want too be alone and when i was alone i cried
i was so upset but thank God I never thought to suicide because i just wanted to maintain my parents respect infront of the whole world and my aim is to become a doctor not to disappoint my parents expectations.. then after having continous attacks i realize its something else so i consult to some psycologist….. when i know i m having a anxiety attacks i
i just decided to try something new so i started to going on outings with other friends and began to read novels, watch too many seasons too many movies and try to study to divert myself.. but that thing waas in my mind that i dont want to dispoint my parents thats why i never lose hope try something new and one of my friend is psycologist so i just go to her and told her my situation
she supports me so much..
you know sometimes it is good to share your feelings with someone
because people somehow help you to understand.
people thought that having a mental illness will make you bad in front of others
taking about breast cancers and testicles cancers are okay but talking abou mental illnes is not okay thats not a good thing to hide your feelings in your heart..
just express it to some of your very close friends…….. it is not bad to go to some physcitrist..
just relieve yourself from problems

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i am a medical student