Be Encouraged

Dedication: To all the women and men , who need a bit of encouragement.

Whenever life sometimes makes us feel discouraged, we should be encouraged by the simple fact that we have the power to change our situation. Recently I wrote a poem that allowed me to see that the obstacle in my life that I was facing was based of my perception. If you can change your perception on life you will be able to conquer anything. One of the things I love to do is write poems , it’s a gift that God has given me, I write the best when I feel I’m under pressure or overwhelmed, its like I can release anything I’m going through, on that paper. words are power so I used them to redirect my perception.

Be Encouraged

Don’t let the whistle of the night get you down
Whistle your song of love , it will turn around
It’s not a matter of if you will succeed
Be Encouraged you will indeed .

When friends of friends have disappeared
And your all alone with no one there
Whisper these words without a fear
“Be Encouraged “ your time is near

They’ll laugh at you and mock your tears
They’ll say you are awkward and very weird
They’ll laugh at you behind close doors
But be Encouraged your almost there

The clocks keep ticking for you O ‘ dear
Your moment is arising when you will say
I’m glad I stayed Encouraged in those old days.

-Philesha Bene’

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Philesha Bennett

Philesha Bennett is a Young entrepreneur who specializes in selling high end organic oils. She is also a student at University of Central Florida who will be graduating this year fall. She is a lover of life , she honors God , and family . And is an enthusiast of holistic and organic lifestyles. She wants to own several Bussiness in the future and a influential women of Faith .