Experiencing epilepsy is my strength

I became epileptic 2004. I was ashamed of my Epilepsy for years. l often compare myself to my sisters. Why am I epileptic yet they are normal? It’s unfair. Only my close and I trust friends know my Epilepsy.
2017 I started my Childcare course. I want to be in a place where I can be me. I introduced myself “My name is Sydney and I am Epileptic”. I received a couple of questions. One day, a classmate came to me and said I am Epileptic too. I finally found someone whom understands me. I felt so normal with her. She understands me.
I applied for a childcare position and I decided to be open. “Before we start to discuss an Educator’s duty, I’d like you to know, I am epileptic” I said. I gave them a letter from my doctor and guide how to look after me. I got the job! I was me. I was really open and always happy to answer their questions and share my experience.
April 2017, I received a mail. I’m having a brain surgery! I’ve been waiting for it for so long! I got an approval for a leave.
Surgery happened November 2017. 95% chance of being Epilepsy-free. I still am seizure-free and started to decrease medications before announcing.
February 2018, I was allowed to get back to work. Supervisor told me to give letters from doctor so I did. I waited for my roster but did not receive one.
I was fired. They pretended that they didn’t know about my Epilepsy. They kept it a secret from the director.
I was depress. I thought I was in a place where I am accepted. I was not. .
I started to looking for a job but I made sure, directors would know. I found a job! I got asked what is my strength? My strength is Epilepsy. I know what a child and adult need emotionally with a disability. I want them to feel normal and loved.
Director appreciated my honesty and told me I showed my passion.
I finally found a place where I am me. I am accepted. I am normal.