The story of a young mom..

Dedication: I dedicate this to all the young moms out there... to my two beautiful children and my biggest supporter my husband.

Let me start out by saying I have always lived in dreams. When I was five I dreamed of becoming a teacher, when I turned 10 I really wanted to be a fashion designer. I was never a bright student in school because I struggled..maybe because I didn’t try my best. I have lived most of my life in a rural area and I love it. It is so peaceful and nature always makes me feel like dreaming higher. I consider myself a loud girl who speaks her dreams! When I was in fifth grade I was held back..that nearly destroyed me! I hated that summer because I knew what was coming my way as soon as school started back again. Well let me tell you…I survived it and met my best friends forever..or so, I thought. I loved middle school.. That is where I thought I met love. Once again, I was wrong. It was just a crush. The summer after eight grade was over…My last year in middle school.. I met the person I will always love..I can admit it was love at first sight. But time didn’t want that for me. I went on with my life without that love for about a year. Well he was still in my mind so I did everything I could to bring him back in it. September 5, 2012 was the day I heard of him again. We overcame challenges and life decided to unite us forever. We dated and my parents were okay with it..but that was not enough. I knew I loved him so I decided to take a big move ..literally…We moved in together and that was so hard on my parents..and me..because I was so young. I left with him but I never stopped going to school because he supported me with that. My parents were okay and that made me happy. We stayed with his parents for a while till we decided to move back with mine and that is when we decided to marry each other. I also found out I was pregnant and that was the start of something new.. I transferred to k12 an online school.. it was the hardest thing I had ever experienced because I was new to the whole online system! and on top of school I had a baby girl who I watched over while I took eight classes. I felt like dropping out so many times but my husband always encouraged me to finish. June 2016 I graduated high school.. I felt so accomplished because despite everything new in my life I was able to do that for myself and for my daughter. I felt inspired by myself and decided to continue my education and go to community college…I struggled then to because I had a 2 year old who needed me most of the time. I felt overwhelmed with my life but I decided to turn that around and I truly fell in love with school. Education is something I look up to everyday of my life. Two years later… May 2018 I graduated with my Associates Degree and majored in Psychology. I was overjoyed with so much blessings. I then went on and found a job at a school near me. Once again that little dream that I had when I was five came back to my mind. I have always loved education and for that reason I decided to go down the education route and I changed my major. That kinda brought a pause to my education career because I changed majors. I took a semester off and I was not happy but I accepted it and waited till Spring.. Time came around and I took courses and worked full time. I never stopped going to school ever since. I work hard because my dad has always instilled that on me. My husband who was always away working told me to continue my education so I could provide for my my family. He went to school too but that is another story that you will need to wait for. I struggled with school, working full time, being a mommy and wife but I never doubted my ability to keep going. I became a mom of a baby boy who changed my life again. He went through a terrible birth injury and surgery at just six months… I was broken but my faith kept me going and on top of his therapies, my other kid, working full time I decided to take six courses to get them over with..that was such a challenge! but I overcame it…I am now months away from graduating with a bachelors degree in education. I plan on becoming a teacher next year and inspire other people to do the same. education is life and it’s a life I love. I will continue with my masters and so on if God allows. I share my life story because people doubted me. I share it to inspire other moms to go to school..look for grants because you CAN do school debt free..I did and it was not given to me..I worked hard for that. I am twenty five and I feel accomplish with what I have. I am still working hard to be better because I owe it to my children but most of all to myself.

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Rosaura Trevino