The different girl

Dedication: i dedicate this story to girls and women that go through these tough times and i hope it would help them and i just want to let them know that they are not alone . YOU ARE PRETTY AND CONFIDENT! <3

Hi! Today i decided to share my story with all of you and maybe this can change your life, and if you dont agree with me for anything no matter what feel free to judge!

So i would usually start a story by telling my name my age and more personal stuff but i prefer not to for different reasons…!! so i am just a normal teen who lives with her family (her parents and her beautiful sisters(you’ll understand what i am talking about).so i always had a very happy normal life until 8th grade that was the time when everything changed and got messed up and it made me feel sad and insecure about things to be honest i was depressed and i felt like i had no one to talk to so let me tell you what happened in the country i live at women cant talk to men cause they are ‘whores” girls cant wear what ever they want cause they are called bitches women cant go where ever they want because they are called hoes so not sure if all of you are going to be able to understand this but somehow i was considered like that for doing nothing literally nothing at all and did i mention that my parents worked at very important and known institutions and the country i live at is very small so all my parents thought about was ‘reputation” and then she found out about what happened (nothing actually happened people just played them because they knew that they had reputation) so my mom beats me and decides to cut my hair (we will get to the hair part) and i wore braids at school for the first time some very very short braids that really took 5 minutes to make both and time goes by and i somehow get traumatized by my oiwn mom and literally would start acting weird and suspicious in front of her for no reason because i never felt good enough for her and every day every single day she would accuse me for hiding something from her like i did something again ughh and than two months later it was my birthday i remember i got 25 dollars as a gift and that was all i felt like what i needed wasnt money it was something much more than that i needed trust and love by my own family especially my mom and did i mention that that gift wasnt from my parents or siblings that worked and had a salary and didnt think to bu me not even a small thing but anyway i remember me and the girls went upstairs at my sisters room they were doing their make up and taking pictures and you know girls things i mean after all they could they were pretty photogenic good bodies good teeth good phones and clothes and then i looked at me a girl that was wearing a small adidas sweater black jeans and a very tight bun that made my face look cringe and then time goes by and things change my mom looks me different and i straighten my hair and they look like a barbies hair for real and next year i would go at n9th grade i thought with myself things would change!! and to be honest they did!!! PART 2 COMING SOON!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of storyteller.