Cultural Norms

Overcoming Obesity

My Story of Overcoming Obesity I am strong and I am sucessful because I beat Obesity! Obesity is an issue that is very present in America today; and for the lives that it does not claim...

Rewriting the Script

Trigger warning: Please be aware that this story includes a graphic description of childhood FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). This was one chilly afternoon in the month of November in the...

Mothers Have Power

VIDEO: Franscisca Mandeya, author of Mother Behold Thy Son, talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about “the power of a mother to transform this world.”

Stories Empower

VIDEO: Ruth Kilimo, discusses the work of Market Girls Foundation, Kenya, and the role of stories in empowering and encourage girls and young women, in this brief conversation with Elisa...

Living the Truth

I didn’t grow up with the language young people have these days around gender and sexuality. I was 19 when I first met my first gay person and that encounter started me on a path to my...

Tell Your Story, Use Your Power

VIDEO: Yemurai Nyoni of Zimbabwe encourages women, especially young women, to recognize the power of their stories in supporting the empowerment of other women.

My Grandmother’s Story

VIDEO: Maureen Kanayo talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about how land rights affected her grandmother’s life in Nigeria, and inspired her own work in development.

“Bringing Life to These Issues”

VIDEO: Jama Jack, of Think Young Women in the Gambia, talks with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, about the power of survivors’ stories in efforts to end female genital mutilation and...

Say It Back

I love the title of this campaign, Say It Forward. I love the play on words, how it invites women to use their voices (Say), how it is open to all experiences and there is no prompt (It)...

Paving the way

VIDEO: Angel Kharya of Girl Rising India explains to Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, how women and girls can inspire each other through sharing their stories.