Single Mother who Heartbroken

Dedication: Just to me an my kids

Hello My name is Tiara Frazier, I am a 32 year old mother single mom of three children which only 2 live with me. I have a learning disability that affect me to read an write an understand things I try my best to make things happen I have some what support system which it not that much help I keep getting deny from social Security since 2007 the father is not around at all I try to be the best mom for my children an meet ends meet for them yes it hard at time for me living on public assistant is not what I wanna do cause it not much for me an the kids at all I just wanna do better an get my kids the best life I could I don’t have money to buy the best clothes or shoes for them for school I do wanna work an live in a nice house an also get outta this town we live so please help me Tell my story

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Tiara Frazier

I am a 32 year old single mom off three I live in Syracuse ny I was born an raised here never travel out side off here I have a Learning disability my youngest child dose not live with me I do not receive Social Security for my disability they have been denying me since 2007 the only way I could Provide for me and my children and being on public assistant I feel Bad that I can’t do for them an give them the best