find what you love

I was 10 when i first stared cutting i never told anyone entell I was in 6th grade and even then i didn’t tell anyone i would always say i fell entill a teacher reported me i never found out who they were but if it weren’t for them i might not still be hear. I tried to stop cutting but i couldn’t. It had gotten so bad the school took my sizer away and i got sent home early multiple times. later i was sent to a mental hospital. The hospital consisted of all my fears from sharing a room with strangers to taking showers in other bathrooms i was even to scared to eat so i barely ate for a week. When got home I told my fends that I had just been grounded and I was sick.To this day I have never told any of my fends about it. but well all this was happening I learned how much I like to draw and I stared to watch anime.anime became an escape for me so I guess you could say anime saved my life.