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My name is Molly, I’m a mom of 4, and 1 grandbaby on the way! I have a story that needs to be told and people who need to be held accountable for what has happened. Im reaching out to as many people as I can, to get as loud as I can because I NEED to tell my story.

When I was 18 years old, I got into a relationship with guy I went to highschool with. At first it was like a fairytale.. but that ended very very differently.

I won’t go into details about our marriage because we would be here all day lol but it ended with me going to the State of Washington to get a safety plan to be able to get away from him. People who knew us, thought our relationship would end in a blood bath. He always told me that if I left him, he would take my kids from me.. PERIOD!! The state of Washington said that a lot of abusers say that but its just a scare tactic to make me stay. So I left… and it feel like that’s when the nightmare began.

He used the courts, the fact that he was military, etc to abuse my kids and I even more. We both moved back to the small town that we originally came from, he was friends with the small town cops, he married someone in the Oregon state DHS program and they ALL had a hand in making mine and my kids lives a living hell. Stories that would literally make you cringe.

He instantly got a restraining order on me and I had no clue where my kids were.. and it never stopped until about a month ago. I left him in 2009

There were attornies that turned me down from helping me because it was too complex.. I went to jail over 6 times, I was facing a year in prison, 2 of my sons were thrown into the system, thrown into jail and they even convinced a psychward to admit him twice for problems that my son didn’t even have. My kids were abused in ways that you only see in movies. If they didn’t lie to their attorney or anyone else involved in trying to help us, my kids would get the abuse BAD. And with him being friends with one of the small town police officers, I was harassed and treated like an animal..

The dhs worker that my ex husband married not only managed to have me, my kids dragged through the mud but she has done this to several other people (including her own children) and other men in several other counties.. smart move on her part because she knew that a judge in one county wouldn’t listen to any evidence from another county but there are INNOCENT people out there who are getting thrown through the system because of this woman and not one person is holding her accountable. Innocent people going to jail, hospitals, etc all because this woman isn’t looked at in a bad light because she worked for the state

I finally moved to NE and was able to get my kids here too.. we are safe now but we are MORE than ready to talk. We NEED to talk. We NEED our story to be told.

There are MANY MANY more things to say about and I dont even know if this is enough to grab the attention of anyone but if someone would give me the chance to tell my story, I guarantee changes will be made.. changes HAVE to be made. Not just for me and my kids but for other “victims” too!.. I dont typically like using the word victim because my kids and I dont view ourself as such.. but I think you understand what im getting at 😉

These people made sure to make sure there were A LOT of moving parts (to confuse the system) but I now feel like its a good thing because its really easy to link everything together now. It was non stop for YEARS!!!

My hope that someone wants to actually hear my whole story so that we can get the closure that we need and start moving forward on helping other people in similar situations.

The only thing that I compare it to (and im definitely not a doctor) is Munchausen by Proxy but instead of using just doctors, they used law enforcement too

Please trust that whats in this email is just a crumble size portion of what we’ve went through and there are literally YEARS of stories to tell!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! And I pray this falls in the lap of the right person. I just don’t know whose lap it needs to be placed in

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