life under law and treasures

Dedication: To all to hidden under law and to all who deserve love.

My name is Nicole and I had lived a terrible nightmare though my story may not go far it does grow strong, you see when I was belittle as a kid it reflect on struggle and ever chance it was mocked as lies and other things because the cities and towns get away with crimes from laws covering them, I am a victim of abandon and fights that I hold strong in my life, my mom and dad were marines and were suppose to be hero’s though buried separated and sorts I was two and fourteen when I lost them. My mom was a hard worker who had to keep up with stress and my brothers problems and I wanted to help her, so I tried but my family came about as my aunt you’d think stand by her did nothing but hurt her intending to her needs, so I a female strong but male inside who wanted to get some things changed was denied by my family, now I suffer by defending myself on the streets and try to hold on going to work and helping those in need if I can, but to this I had to fight for so long and still try! My family who even hurt me I cannot hate but will loved used me under false paperwork enforcing me into church and depriving me of sleep hunt my every time but I try holding onto my life head held up high and hopes that someone hears me, the virus is being spread is due to construction times, our endanger animals are being neglected as resulted from all around since the federal abandon these protections and the police hold guns to people, the homeless are being shot at as non legal matters and their bodies hidden from truth for families themselves so no one in the system or sorts can get targeted, I tried to share these stories and still will on but the news team and sorts don’t even think its real and shrug it off like a joke, so I still try to get peoples attention to help aide and help so that others are less harmed in these, the shelters carry dark secrets but I’m not allowed to say even if I wanted because if I ended to need them I’m not allowed back after and all the peoples blaming is why some under law gets away with, so I try to stay strong in hopes that some one may help and try to help so others can be saved, please always love, I can never hate but love for we deserve so much of a chance because were human and more.

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I am a person who seeks freedom for all, a white raise barley eating enough and working on improving my life through health in hopes of making others count in care systems and to insure the law follows by protecting all! I don't like sexiest and skin says and I stand for the people who should all be equal! All deserve rights and insist better leaders and to obtain a better world!