How God came to rescue from the powers of darkness.

was certainly contending. It all started when a lady, a daughter to my father’s friend started living with my family. Known to my parents, she was hepatitis B positive, and my parents still agreed to let her live with us. She shared the same plates with us, she drank from the same cup with us. It was in this period I started feeling sick, first, it was malaria, you know in a country like Nigeria, any sickness is malaria, so my parents treated Malaria for me. Everything in my life went back to the usual. Some months later, I was down with a sickness, unknown to me, I still thought it was Malaria, my parents treated Malaria again, the sickness didn’t go. I told my mother and she told me that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was just Malaria and with time it will go. Time went on, days went by, I was still feeling sick that I didn’t have the appetite to eat anything and I was still feeling sick. My mother became afraid, I kept telling her about my health condition and she did nothing about it but prayed. Whenever I started feeling a pain in my stomach, I will tell her about it and she will tell me I was lying, that I couldn’t have such pain in my stomach. She went on to tell me that when she was growing up, she never had such pain, that I should not disturb her. I kept mute about it and she later came to give me malaria drugs to a condition that is not malaria. Then I used the drugs, the drugs further worsened the pain so I started disposing of them. It was at this time that I started to google my condition on the internet, hoping that they will explain what was wrong with me. Then I went on googling, reading and researching and I found out that it was not malaria that was wrong with me. Then I began to look more closely and I did a research on the Hepatitis B virus and to my shock, I attest true to every symptom of the virus. As it was written on the internet and with the stages of the disease symptom, I became afraid and started to hate the lady. I became afraid and started to hate the lady living with us because I contracted the disease from her until God came to change my story. This lady was cooking our meals, sharing the same cup with us and even living with us. I told my mom about the symptoms i was having and she shouted at me and turned me away, she went on to tell me never to tell her about my health condition again, she told me that none of my siblings had ever had this problem, just me, that i should not kill her before her time. Time went on and i kept doing my research. I found out that some herbs can be used to fight the disease, so i went to the market. I got the herbs and then i started using them. To my surprise, they gave me relief, and i was getting better. The pain came and i used the herbs for it and the pain disappeared. I was living like this, living on herbs for a time, whenever anyone saw such herbs, they would ask me and i will tell them that my dad gave it to me. I kept lying and i continued using the herbs. Whenever i told my mom again, she would shout at me, telling me not to disturb her that i was lying. I begged her, she consented to take me to the hospital, unknown to me, it was an empty promise. I dont know if she forgot or she was not willing to take me there. For a while, i gave up on her treatments so i went ahead to treat the illness myself. I did my research and i found out the disease had no cure. The bitter part about the illness was that whenever i got close to someone, the person fell sick as well. Every single person i got close to fell sick. From my schoolmates, my classmates, my church friends, even members of my church started falling sick because of my presence around them.
It was at this moment i started to seek the face of God to help me with my illness. I joined the sanctuary department of my church and i started cleaning the house of God.

Not so long after that, i came in contact with what nearly wrecked my life. I found an article on my father’s table about the uses of salt. From the article, i wanted to know about what a simple salt could do. So i did more research about it and then i found out it had spiritual benefits such as wading off negative energy and it helps in attracting positive and good energy. Unknown to me, I didn’t know the devil was using it to destroy my life. I used this salt to bathe every morning and every night before going to bed. When I used it to bathe and did a pray to it, I didn’t use to feel it’s the power of attracting luck to me, but days when I used it without prayers, it helps me become attractive to people. People saw me and did well to me even when I didn’t deserve it. People made mistakes that at the end of the day benefited me. I was thinking I would use it to the end of my days until the consequences started coming. As it was working in my life, it brought along a grave consequence. The days when I used it and it brought luck to me, something bad and horrible always happened to me. Days when I used it to exams, even when I didn’t read, I usually passed. I used it for a while, I used it for every exam I did in 2018 and passed almost every single one of them without necessarily having read for the exam. Behind the scene, I didn’t know the evil it was working in my life, every bad thing about my life was out in the public. Every inadequacy in my life was out in public for everyone to see. I was disgraced and embarrassed as a result of me consulting the supernatural. Those days I thought I was on top of the world, I thought i was unstoppable, unknown to me, it was my doom that wanted to befall me. God delivered me when I ran to Him. I used the salt and it still didn’t cure my diseases, I used herbs it didn’t do anything. Until I ran to God and God delivered me. I used this salt to my JAMB and POST-UTME and I passed exceedingly well despite not reading so much. Even my friends that studied, some of them didn’t get what I got. My take on what happened to me was that I lived a life of sin and the devil used it to infiltrate my life. Back then, I even messaged a girl in my class, telling her erotic things, I nearly committed a sin that had no going back until God saved me. At the end of it all, I was disgraced in every place I used the salt bath to. Even the places I went once, I still later had to go back because something unfavourable happened. My sincere lesson to everyone reading this story does not use anything apart from the name of Jesus Christ to connect with the spiritual. If you use any other thing, you are performing idolatry. That was the mistake I made and I must say I suffered the consequences until God came to rescue me. So I will implore my fellow brothers and sisters, dont use any form of supernatural, be it a bracelet, be it a wristwatch, be it a spoon. In the realm of darkness, whenever something is given to you, it is taken back a hundredfold. I used salt to connect to the supernatural rather than using the name of Jesus Christ. Even though at that period, I used this salt with the name of Jesus Christ, later I stopped using it with the name of Jesus Christ. I bathed with it then went on later to pray. To be honest with you, I performed idolatry because using that salt, I was able to pass exams I didn’t read for, won prizes I didn’t deserve, get favour when I shouldn’t get it. To be honest with you, dont use any form of spiritual or supernatural to get anything in life, there will be consequences and I tell you, you will suffer those consequences until you run to God, your creator, the one who loves you more than your mother, the one who knows the beginning of your life and the end of your life at the same time. Don’t be like me as I was back then in the past, run to Jesus, He will come to rescue you. Jesus delivered me from sickness, foolishness, sadness and regression and He brought me into his marvellous light. Don’t use the supernatural or the spiritual measures or mediums, use the name that is above every other name, use the name of Jesus Christ.