Dedication: Every young person 18 and above

15th November I overdosed in my bedroom I was going through a silent breakdown which lead me to take anadin pills and paracetamol pills and I just took all without even knowing the consequences of what might of happened to me, I stated to feel a extreme heart ache and chest pain I fell and I started to shake my parents came in and called 911, as soon as the ambulance came I was taken to hospital in time but I was already slowly fading away because I had my eyes closed for 24hrs practically I was asleep too after the horrible thing was over I was able to get cured on time the next day I woke up feeling weak and with a terrible headache and I just couldn’t remember how I ended up in this situation I was told to stay extra days in hospital and they put me on treatment I got realised from hospital 22nd of November I am finally back home and I am grateful to still be alive and with a second chance I obviously know that if my parents didn’t call the emergency or knowing I was in my room overdosing myself I would have died but God saved me thanks to those amazing prayers and cures just focusing on my mental health and soon I’ll be better

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I am 18 I love to sing and help others who may be struggling with their mental health like I did