Life is like a test and a trial and Trials are never easy to overcome

My Own story
I am Ritika. I am a student of class 8.
I have a brother who is 9 years old. My father works in the office.
I lost my mother at the age of 6 and suffered a lot. I still miss my mother. May her soul rest in peace. But with my father and grandmother’s love and support my brother and I grew up.

At school, I used to be teased by some of my friends on my looks. I had protruding teeth like a rabbit. But my father took me to an Orthodontist. And now I am in the treatment of braces.

Braces are dental appliances constructed of bands and wires that are fixed to the teeth to correct irregular alignment.

My orthodontist has encouraged me a lot during the treatments. During the treatment, my orthodontist had extracted 4 teeth of mine to create space for the braces to adjust.

Few months during the journey of my treatment was painful now I have gradually adjusted to all the pains.

My inspiration in my life is my Orthodontist.
He has encouraged me a lot. He has taught me Life is unpredictable.
And this Life is Like a Test and A Trial and trials are not easy. He has also taught me that Failure is the Key to Success.

I have also learned in this pandemic that life is full of obstacles and problems which we must overcome. Everything Happens for a reason.

I want to help people. I wish when I grow up to start a Ngo for the differently-abled children. My aim or my goal in life is to make people understand to forgive each other. I wish to become a dentist.

My motto in my life is “Hakuna Matta” which means no worries.

We say to some people who have physical, mental problems that they are disabled. We have been doing wrong, if we say that someone is disabled unknowingly or knowingly that means we are questioning someone’s abilities. That is why I want to help those children who have been facing these problems. I have seen people who think before they speak, the words which they say break you, transform you, traumatize you. But I have learned if we adjust if we explain them, they will understand. If we fight among ourselves. What will we achieve? Will we achieve something?

I do not think so. If we can love each other this world would be in a better place.

By Helping someone, I feel happy, and more positivity comes to me. I feel in life problems are not too big, but we are small to handle them. I feel real happiness in life lies within gratitude. Gratitude is the key to become a better person in life. I have all my teachers, my friends, my loved ones beside me.

All teachers to me are my mothers, the mothers who make me understand, make me feel comfortable, make me happy, they made me a better person in life.
Salute to my teachers! I have become a part of them.

Warm regards to everyone. Thank you so much to the ones who had the belief in me and had the trust in me. Hope everyone is keeping well. This a story I said today about myself. I have learned this moral from my life: Hard work is the key to success, wanted to share it with you all. Dream Big! All my support and love to everyone. Stay Safe, Take Care.