I didn’t ask anything my whole life

I’m 19 years old. I’m currently pursuing my b.tech final year. I didn’t get my internship in my 3rd year. Due to covid I need to stay at my home with no way to go around. It’s been months since I have left my home. My parents feel it’s an maybe insult or they feel I’m not good enough the way they treat me is changing, I dont even know to whom I can share. From my childhood I dont have any other hobbies other than studying. They used to beat my elder sister for not eating food and not getting good marks, so I studied so to not get beatings. I didn’t ask anything my whole life. For any functions or parties I need to wear my sister’s modified dresses. I dont know how to express that to my parents. So I left to study in my 9th standard to live in hostel. I dont even have enough pocket money to atleast eat my favorite food. My used to be 500 rupees for 2 or 3 months. I need to tell my marks for every exam but even after I asked them to visit me once a month, they wouldn’t come. This continued until my 12th standard. I like drawing and I’m good at mathematics . I dont have much knowledge but I took architecture exam and I got 1000 rank in the whole country. But they wanted me to do engineering where I got around 7000 rank. I got the freedom that I never had in my engineering. So I stopped studying. I passed every exam but I’m just average. So I didn’t get my internship, my dad’s friend daughter is my senior but she is a topper she got internship in her 3rd year and got just in beginning of 4th year with 25lakh package. He calls my father and says that I won’t get a good job, if I didn’t do an internship. And my parents increase the pressure on me. But I dont have talent in coding, I need so much time to learn those things. But I cant say that to my parents. They want me to get placement with atleast 12 lakh or something. I just want to escape from my house(I dont feel like it is my home). I want some suggestions on what should do? Should I just continue studying or do according to my wishes(but it takes so long to study and reach my goal)