Knowing My Voice Should Be Heard

A month ago or so, I was extremely surprised by a court order submitted by my ex-husband. Without my knowledge, he was emancipating my son that has multiple disabilities and the Judge ruled in his favor. Of course, the Judge ruled in that way, because she didn’t know all the facts. The father of my son never gave me the chance to respond. I was never served and the excuse he used was that he couldn’t find me. It didn’t take me a lot to figure out that I had to do something right away in order to protect my son, and that my voice as a woman should be heard, clearly and powerfully. I contacted a lawyer and explained the situation. We worked together to find out, just yesterday, that the Judge revoked the order and asked the other party to present the papers to me, in order for me to respond accordingly.

This is not only a victory for my son. It goes far beyond being a matter about money, it is a matter of respect and acknowledgement of the human rights. I know that this victory is not only for my son and myself as a woman, it is a victory for all women like myself that are in the same predicament. I believe that one day, all this will be just part of my past, but this fight for justice, for my son, will stay within me for a lifetime. I know that his game is not over yet, and I am ready to continue for as many rounds it would take me to get my son’s rights finally being straightened up.

I want to wish all the women: mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, the most wonderful and Happy International Women’s Day! Yes we can and Yes we will.

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