I worked hard and defied the odds

Dedication: I would like to dedicate it to my mom who help me every step of the way

Hi this is my story. when I was eight years old I hurt my hip really bad at the time we thought I was a pulled hip flexor so we just moved on with life. I was a gymnast I had fulls and doubles. I got sick in December of 2016 and I had to quit the one thing I loved! But I needed to quit it as a toxic place and it just filled me with very very low self esteem. My coach would say I was fat, not good enough, lazy. But that’s not the point of this video

In November of 2017 I was at cheerleading practice and I did something to my hip. I’m my family my mom my grandma my great grandma and so on have all had hip problems. They never had surgery to fix it it’s just genetic. mom said that if my hip hurt we needed to go to the orthopedics but I was to stubborn and wouldn’t go. It got to the point where I essentially even tumbling in practice I couldn’t even walk or get dressed. The day after Christmas it had been a month since I hurt my hip and it was reallllyyy bad so my mom dragged me to the orthopedics and they took a X-ray. I never thought I would hear those words your bone is mush. My bone had lost blood flow to the femoral head. My bone was mush!!!

We were sent to get a emergency MRI the MRI showed that I had also tore my labrum. We got send to the nicest hospital in the state. Oklahoma children’s hospital. We saw a couple doctors and the said that I would need surgery. On feb 6 2018 I had my surgery. But it was harder and my hip was worse than they planned. They said I wouldn’t be able to walk for six months. I couldn’t play sports till high school! I was in fifth grade that’s four more years I was supposed to play volleyball with my friends. I couldn’t go outside or to school I was locked up in my house for a such a long time. My best friends mom was a personal trainer she helped me through all of it and so did my mom. She was so supportive both of them.

By the time summer rolled around I was so strong I was swimming, working out, playing volleyball. The doctors said I couldn’t do cheer ever again but I tried and I could do it. I just don’t want to do that anymore so I tried out for volleyball I made the team with my friends and one of the best teams. That was the best year ever!

For anyone going through the same thing if you work hard enough you can Define The odds! I never thought I’d be who I am today! I’m so happy and I’m a great place! It all gets better!

The surgery I had was a hip athroscopy it doesn’t seem that bad but they had to take my bone and sew it to another bone. It’s very rare it’s a disease called Perthes. They could have fixed it early on but it had been four to five years since it had started. It was really hard for me because I was just laying down I couldn’t walk I was a elite athlete and so it was hard. I cried most nights. Because I was in so much pain. If your in my situation work hard and believe in yourself.

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