I was in 1st year and I had just gotten my 1st boyfriend. I really loved him but after a few months of dating he changed, in a bad way. He started to become more fierce and angry towards me and he would also tell me things that made me feel bad about myself and a certain few sentences that I also hated to hear. These sentences were, “There’s only 1 gender because women are the property of men. Therefore male is the only gender and female is not.”. An example of the others were, “slut” or “bitch” and many others. Every time I heard him say these sentences I would get so angry but I only stayed with him because I loved him, well at the time I did. However the point where I broke up with him was when he started to have this obsession with the card game “uno” and then he would barely spend time with me at all. So after a few days pf his “uno obsession” I got the courage to ask him why was he saying mean things about me. He then said because you are my property because women are property. I was so hurt but I stood my ground and asked him another question. This question was, “Would you rather uno or me”. His answer to this was “you obviously but…. uno doesn’t be mean to me or scream at me.” Right after he said that I broke up with him. I now have a boyfriend who is caring, loving, understanding and most important loves me for me. I haven’t spoken to my ex since and I’m ok with that. I was and after 2 years I still am angry at him for what he said but at least now I know that not all of the boyfriends and boys in this world aren’t that bad, you just need to find your perfect match.