Behave well with all

I won’t say my name I will just gonna tell u my story so first of all I will say my English is bad don’t complain let’s begin even as a baby I was very big after my twenty I got over 6.6 ft and my wight was 121 kg I won’t say about my country too but where ever I go I am tallest in my country u can say so as people know tall people are gentle that was not the case with me I used behave very bad with people I used to push them and I have done lots of crazy things I addited to smoke and alcohol my sister always used to say me behave well with everyone they are human too but I never listen I keep on doing same after few years later my sister died from cancer she cared me like her son but I never even behaved well with her after she die I feel very bad I don’t eat anything for few days after that I change completely I behave well with all now and also take care of my family I now hope I was this good guy when my sister was alive………….