You will be never Mine.

Dedication: To My Crush

It’s often normal for any person to fall in love with the first eyesight. It was 2021 where even I fall in love with an angel whom I will never have in my life. The day passes by week than months than a year yet I fail to forget her even though I knew the real story behind it.

It’s usually normal for me to fall in love but this time it was a little tricky and different. I fall for someone’s angel. For me, she is the world but for her, I wasn’t even an option.

It’s very difficult for me to forget her. When I was a kid I try to memorize some definitions. Which will always get rid of my mind no matter how much I tried harder to keep. But when I try to forget you. It remains me more of you.

You are just a spark in my life which will always clear my part of the darkness.

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Jigme Lhendup