My Fistula Journey.

Founder: Save A Woman Fistula Foundation

My name is Sharon Korir, 36 years old and I am an Obstetric Fistula Survivor, diagnosed with the condition after the birth of my second child. I am a mother of two, Lawyer by profession and currently a Law Teacher in Rusinga International School, Lavington –Nairobi Kenya.

After being discharged from hospital with my baby, a few weeks after I realised I had a problem when passing urine and feacal matter. I had no control and the passage routes seemed interchanged. After seeking medical attention for this embarrassing condition, I was diagnosed with Recto-Vaginal fistula. This was a traumatic experience, totally lost my self esteem and l isolated myself completely. I had to undergo a corrective surgery and many months of doctors’ visits until I got healed. I really wanted to question God but all in all we give him back all the glory. I named my son Israel meaning (Wrestled or Triumphed with God). It wasn’t easy but all glory goes to Him.

My foundation is a safe space for Fistula patients and survivors to share, and encourage each other as well as seek solutions to their condition. It is also a means for creating awareness that seeks to inform, educate and bust myths around obstetric fistula. Women also build relationships and connections which bring about mental healing since we are cultured in a society where Sexuality matters is considered a taboo.
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