“The thing I feared happened cause of me “

Well My name is Tarukesh I’m a 19 year old boy, I fell in love with a girl. She was from a different state. At first we started by texting then days later slowly we proposed .. We were in relationship for 2-3 months. I still remember the cute moments we had and the phone calls which we had for hours.. The laughs and chats it was all going well until her exams came from that moment everything was started to change.. Our conversation was slowly fading away. The thing is Our relationship ended cause of me. I Became too needy for her and over Carin I check upon her every day,every day I text her, I always made time for her, when she was sick I used to send her medicine and ask her to take care of her health.. But still I understand maybe she was busy.. For 2 weeks she didn’t reply or called back or answered my calls. I was worried about her so much. Cause we were In long distance relationship. And I don’t wanna lose her in any way… I was loyal to her. I always tell everything whatever happens in my life. It still tears me apart whenever I think about our time together. I gifted things to her when I was broke. It’s because I always want her to give her the best she deserves.. My over needy and over Carin made me lose her. One-day she just blocked me in snap and whatsapp without saying anything. After I sent a message which was “Hey how is your health now? Did you take the medicine. I really Miss U a lot plz message me once you are free it’s been a while” that was my last message before our breakup. I tried everything in my power to have her back… But it’s all gone. My over Carin made me lose her now she won’t even talk or text me anymore forever. What I’m saying is “Plz don’t be like me, plz don’t repeat the mistake I did give your partner some space and try to forgive them if they did anything wrong to u” I’m sharing my story cause. I don’t want anyone to suffer just like me.. So thank you for taking the time to read this :)) . Have a happy life. I wish you well in this time Take care..
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Tarukesh Raj

I'm 19 year old. Just finished my diploma now doing engineering. I love singing and listening to music. I wanna save people from the mistakes I made