That little heart beat.

Dedication: To my love whom my heart cries for in every night

Fell for him from within my soul. My heart often starts to race faster as i see his name on my screen ringing. That ‘smile’ yes ! That ‘smile’ on my face just by seeing or hearing his name enlightened up my heart. Years and years have passed by still waiting for his acceptance remembering him in my prayers every day. I hope he understands my true feelings for him and come up to me and say ‘I love you too’ from his heart. No one to share or listen to my feelings except God as I pray to Him daily. My age is also passing by. I could not even get over him and move on as my heart cries for him only. I would often remember him at night and cry in silent with a heavy heart feeling like as if like someone i crushing my heart.
Please, Dear God! Let him realise my true feelings for him and let him come to me. please!