A short snip of my childhood.

My parents separated when I was 3, I never really had the time to think about what happened it was really just my life. My mum moved across the country to the point where we only had 1 week every holiday then 2 during Christmas to see our mum every year. That is about 5 weeks a year. Yet again I had grown up with this and it was just how I lived. But as I got older things got harder, im the youngest of 5 and my parents dont get younger. my dad became disabled, and I have been growing poorer as my Dad stopped buying me simple things like clothes even though he could buy them. at the age of 13 I had one pair of pants that dont fit me and 5 of the same t-shirt that my siblings got from work, I was embarrassed about this so I wore 1 dress most of the time. My dad I think he also forgot how to care for a child a bit, I’m autistic and sensitive to noise so he would play music at full volume and lock me in a room to punish me for not cleaning 3 dishes because it was hard on him. But because of people online talking about how their parents used to hit them, I thought it was nothing but simple punishment.