The Rare one

Here’s my story, thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Hi my name is Tammy and I’m 34 from the uk. I have a rare disease called eosinophilic gastroenteritis which I believe is genetic.
I try to concentrate on the positives living with this illness rather than the negatives but let’s just say it isn’t easy living with a rare disease that not many people understand or know about it but that’s what makes me unique. Living with this illness isn’t easy at all I’m in pain most days and flareups can be really tough. I’m on lots of medications to control the pain but that doesn’t cure the disease it just helps me function.

I think keeping positive is important, its left me with physical health issues and also mental health issues due to side effects from medications, long hospitals stays, procedures, pain and I am now unable to work physically I do spread awareness about rare diseases, invisible illnesses and mental health issues on my Instagram and also on my blog. I share other peoples stories to let them know they aren’t alone and to spread awareness. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story with you.

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I'm 34 I live in the uk with my mum, partner and black cat Bella. I am passionate about helping and supporting people so they know they aren't alone. I love to make others happy and if I can help others in any way I can I do, even though I haven't got much money myself. I enjoy watching real life documentries and read alot to distract myself from pain.