The Power of Transitions

Everyone tries their best to start their year with so much hope, at least that is what social media shows us , the constant contents on “vision boards , resolutions, 21 days of trying a new habits” and so many ways to begin powerfully

But 2024 was different for me , I started the year with a desire to be in a silent state, my mind was getting tired of doing things the same way and “everything ” was falling apart, I knew in my spirit that 2024 is going to be a different year , I wasn’t just sure the battling of sickness , pain and fatigue was part of it.

January 21st 2024 , I was crowned the Mrs Universe Kenya 2024 and the best project which is “Rebirth of a Queen” , this would be my 5th year of running this amazing initiative, but nothing seemed to excite me at that moment.

Days after January 21st, I got sick and stayed in the house weeks later until 18th February when I was to travel with the team of Rebirth of a Queen for capacity building training, deep down I knew there is something pushing me for change and change is constant, we can’t avoid it, but my body was resisting and after one week of trainings, I got into so much fatigue that I had no option than to drag myself into a mental health hospital for professional help.

February 28th was the day, and after a series of assessments, I was diagnosed with severe depression….. I was assigned to a psychologist and my first reaction was “I don’t want medication,” I want you to be my professional guide towards my healing journey, I want to be happy again, I want to boldly walk into my healing journey.

I couldn’t run anymore….. The “TRANSITIONING ” was here and I believe there is something about nature pushing you into the corner until it brings out the best in you , and that time for me is now.

I went back to the office and updated my team about the “TRANSITIONING ” of Rebirth of a Queen ” For 5 years, this vision has been a baby to me and now she is all grown with her sound mind and wants to fly and make her own decisions and I have no choice than to allow this baby teach me , mould me and grow me…… Life is constantly learning and who I am I to refuse learning!

So when I woke up and after meditation I am seeing a notification on my twitter and its #ThePowerOfStories community talking about Transitions, I felt so affirmed, I felt aligned and I affirmed to myself that it’s my time and I can’t apply oppositions anymore to an idea that it’s time has arrived and its manifesting all glory.

I don’t know where its taking me towards but all I know is we are transitioning into a better space and my name Akinyi and Rebirth of a Queen is sitting in spaces to shift conversations around empowerment for survivors

We are building an ecosystem for empowerment and there isn’t better time to invest in women starting from myself than now.

Photo credit: Photos provided by the storyteller.

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Akinyi Juma

I am Akinyi Juma , the Executive Director of Rebirth of a Queen Organization, a mother , an storyteller and a creative I thrive in healing and authenticity and my desire is to create generation wealth for survivors of gender and sexual based violence to thrive