The Math trouble

Dedication: To my Grandmother Katherine for helping me

Hi my name is Z, and i have an interesting story to tell. So one day during this pandemic we have school but me I have to go to school Wednesday And Thursday . So This morning, It’s Wednesday So we had a little bit of an internet problem so we had to use my Mobile Hotspot for wifi that didn’t work so me and some friends took a morning nap 7:45 to 9:30 So when we woke up we went to the bathroom then we came back for class but the wifi was working so I was watching some My Story Animated until next class. Our next class was mathematics which i struggled in a lot so we go on microsoft teams for class so the teacher was presenting what we were going to do during the class period. So when the teacher asked a question he calling on a girl lets call her T. So when he called on her I was nervous because like i said i struggled with math and i thought he was going to call on me so i got scared but like what my grandmother always said ” Don’t be Afraid to try something new” So I figured i was going to do the questions on the page we were supposed to do i got almost all of them right. So we went to do the work on canvas so i did that and i submitted the classwork and i told the teacher i was done then he said ” Good Job See you in the next class and read page 555-556″ I said yes sir. Okay girls it okay to be afraid of trying something new every once in a while like my grandmother said.

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