Yehh this is me

Dedication: To my school that only made me insecure

Friends, besties for life, or clingy school love never existed in my life. To be honest, I never felt emotionally attached to my school. I was only there as the other friend. I’m just the friend that is always on the receiving end of their jokes. They constantly tease and mock me. And no matter how much it aches, I just keep laughing. Even my closest friends don’t understand everything. Even my closest friends still pass judgment on me. All I’ve ever done is give it my all. I’ve only ever given my 100% and received nothing in return. People who hardly attempt are rewarded far more than I am. I’m simply there in the back, silently succeeding while no one notices. I’m either the “clever friend” or the “mentally ill friend who cries every night.” And this truly sucks .