TB SURVIVOR (Lost Her Job but She keeps fighting against tuberculosis irrespective of that)

Dedication: The youth, the mothers, the girl child, the TB Survivors, and the future generations. (your afflictions should never be your limitations).


My name is Dosumu Oluwafunke, a mother, a wife and a Graduate from university of ilorin Nigeria. Am a TB survivor. I survived Tuberculosis in the year 2015. On February 28th 2015, I started Coughing, I thut it was a minor cough was treating it, not until it became serious after 2weeks of minor treatment, so I had to visit my hospital for check up. Immediately I was told to run some test. The salivary test, the blood test, HIV test, to the Chest xray. Got the results and  told it is Tuberculosis, the disease of the lungs. At first I was afraid that how could these be. But later I summon the courage to go through ever bit of the process that I will definitely come out of it. I was placed on a Routine drugs, which I had to take everyday for 6 months. During the process I loss my weight down to 42kg, due to loss of appetite, neat sweat, Fever, Chest pain. I was isolated from my immediate environment, family and children for some months to face my health squarely and also prevent the disease from spreading.

I was undertaking some serious nutritional meal to help the drugs work adequately and to get my feet back. During these times I couldn’t walk, eat, bath myself all I could do was read, eat, take my drugs, go for my check ups and pray. I was motivated during these time to write books, and had the vision to help others from been stigmatised by the disease tuberculosis that it is curable and preventable.

I felt the psychological pain not seeing my daughter, husband and family. But there was nothing I could do to help the situation. I know and believed I will come out of it. I went for my last check up on the 14th of December which came out Negative. And at the process I was able to publish a book “EXPOSING THE ENEMY THROUGH ABSOLUTE RESTORATION”

I also have a Facebook page to promote health and fight against TB today. FB page ;=FIGHT AGAINST TB TODAY

Can also follow me on twitter. @DosumuFlexxy : I give them the information about it when you check my Facebook page you will see all I have put in place in stopping and preventing the spread of the disease. People are not so much aware of the deadly disease. So I need to join the team, “the Media “to give out the information. I am very proud and willing to do that since its going to make a difference in people’s life, the community and the world in general.

Yes, I heard of so many people that died of the disease TB and the crowd and queue I see at the hospital during the treatment. In the next 5 years I will make sure am at the top of the game promoting health, to join the fight against TB because I was a Survivor
Actually I would say it is the self motivation, the self confidence and hope that my life can’t end these quick. I had to be smarter than the disease. So I never missed my Routine drugs, check ups and prayers.

The drugs are free, so why the fear. The courage has to develop from within your spirit.
As you fight the spiritual warfare of situations, you also fight the physical warfare of it.

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Dosumu Oluwafunke

professional, friendly, hardworking, reserved and serious minded Graduate who has a track record of creative ways of maintaining excellence, productivity and selfless service in her chosen career to the highest standards. Oluwafunke is a very focused person and she has great pride and interest in her works and she is also a self-motivated team player who is able to take responsibility for delivering to tight deadlines. Right now she is looking for a suitable position with an organization who cares strongly about the personal and professional development of their employees and who has set-aside programs designed to nurture, develop and promote individuals to their maximum potential.