Take a Moment for Yourself

In a world where we as women are expected to always put others before ourselves, it can feel self-indulgent to take even a moment for ourselves in the midst of a busy day. But I say, “Take that moment!”

I know we all have jobs to do, children and parents to care for, homes that need tending, meals to prepare, partners to consult with. The “To Do List” looms large, but our wellbeing looms larger and must be tended to. For without that, we are no help to anyone.

If someone offered you ten minutes of quiet in the middle of your day, how would you spend it? Would you lie down and close your eyes? Would you read a few pages in a favorite book? Would you take a walk and look up at the clouds? What would nourish you the most? Ask yourself and then write it on your To Do List or calendar for tomorrow. Take a moment for yourself every day and try new ways to give yourself the gift of self-care.

Hit the pause button on your busy life and see what the effect is. I think you’ll be amazed how just taking a moment for yourself can make all the difference.

Submitted with love,

Kate Denby

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Kate Denby

I am a retired school administrator and special ed teacher who raised three boys while I was working full-time. I remember well those years of never taking a moment for myself and suffered the consequences. I hope others will learn from my experience. I am happily now pursuing a life of quiet and writing.