Starting The Girls Empowerment Team

Dedication: I dedicate this story to the girls who have a passion for change!

When I was in the fourth grade, I couldn’t look in the mirror and tell myself I was enough. That I was beautiful or fun to hang out with. No girls cared to include me in hangouts after school or group projects. I felt so embarrassed and I wasn’t worthy of being anyone’s friend. I thought maybe I had to change the way I dressed or acted so I could fit in with the rest of the kids at school. There was nothing I wanted more than for people to like me. I became insecure of myself and hated the way I looked. What hurt most was the feeling of being excluded from other girl cliques or groups. I was constantly bullied and excluded by other girls at school, but one day I gained my confidence and stood up for myself. I realized how much of a more stronger person I was and no one could determine my self worth.

As I reached high school, I always thought, why are girls so against each other? Why do they criticize and put down other girls? I wanted to end the hate between girls. I did not want any girl to be excluded or bullied by others, just like I was. I envisioned a club where all girls can be united, no matter what your differences are. I wanted to teach girls how to love themselves, to accept who you are, and to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Due to my desire and passion, I started a club called the Girls Empowerment Team. A place where girls can be supported, inspired, and empowered by other girls. Girls come to this club to feel like they belong somewhere and not judged by others. At our meetings, we have discussions and activities based on all topics of what girls struggle themselves in like boosting our self esteem or having body positivity. Girls may look at you up and down and put labels on you, but in this club, we are your friends and we accept you no matter how you come as. My club has succeeded in helping girls with their struggles and experiences in school and has changed the way girls see each other and themselves. I hope my story inspires every girl to follow their passion and believe that you can change the world!

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My name is Yasmeen and I am a senior in high school. I started my own club called the Girls Empowerment Team because I saw a need to create a place where girls can be supported, inspired and empowered by other girls! I love being a leader in my school and community. I'm also very happy to be a part of my school's Civic Leadership Program and Equity Team. My other hobbies include blogging and traveling. Follow my club's instagram to learn more about it! @matawan_girlsempowermentteam