Finding me

Dedication: Sadeika Stephens

My journey was long, the tears were nonstop, the pain was unbearable my heart had been too many times there were days I was too sad to get up to eat no one to talk to feeling all alone in the world. I prayed for days to wake up and be happy but life isn’t a fairytale dream and so it didn’t happen at 33 still trying to find myself still trying to be happy without no help is hard but it finally hit me just let it all go you were always alone so it’s fine just start thinking about your life by yourself and your kids. I spent so such time making everyone looking good what about me no one cares what I want. I lived with my boyfriend for here’s and he is stuck on dating sites going out with other women had to be dealing with exwife and other women and I wonder how did I end up here he’s not cute not rich I take care of him and his kids along with mine no help from him but still I try begged him to stop praying he would that’s when I realize I was just scared of being alone afraid of trying again because I was afraid the story will end the same and because I had tried this so many time. I lost my mom from I was 7 years old and everything seems to always go downhill from then my sister was only 3 my father was too busy for us so we went to stay with my aunt and 5 boys and yes it was tuff from both her and them and so the unhappiness and heartache begins

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I am A 33 year old single mom with 2 kids with a big heart and great personality and hope to inspire someone that no matter what your going through the end of the road is what we make it and I hope I get a chance to share more of my life