Every Woman is Wonderful!

I have been very passionate about writing since young age. My writings were often published in college magazine. But it struck me that I want to write about women’s issues and share...

Starting The Girls Empowerment Team

When I was in the fourth grade, I couldn’t look in the mirror and tell myself I was enough. That I was beautiful or fun to hang out with. No girls cared to include me in hangouts...

Storytelling Empowers Us

VIDEO: Victoria Melhado Daley of Be Inspired International, Jamaica, shares her thoughts about the power of storytelling in this brief conversation with Elisa Gambino, One Production Place.

Paving the way

VIDEO: Angel Kharya of Girl Rising India explains to Elisa Gambino, One Production Place, how women and girls can inspire each other through sharing their stories.

Building Strong Girls

Hi! I’m Coach Rebecca. I’ve been involved with Girls on the Run Atlanta since 2016 and have coached three fun and crazy seasons with Paideia and The Atlanta International School. When...

“This is who I am”

Many a times women refer to other women as their own enemies, the thing is we focus a lot on the negative and forget about the positive and amazing things women can do for each other. There...

“We walk side by side” 

VIDEO: Mitra Kadarsih discusses the diversity of Indonesia, and how midwifery embodies inclusive, non-judgmental, women-centered care that empowers women.

Star Power

Star Power Being a Girl on the Run is so much fun Because we learn and dream and live and run When I am having a bad day, I look up and say, “My star power is covered. There are clouds in...