My mental health cause and ways to cope with it

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my friend mention in the story, I will not name for safety reasons

Hey, my name is Addy and this is my story on suicide. In the beging of my school year I had it absolutely perfect. I had a loyal boyfriend who I had for 4 1/2 years, the besets of friends, my grades were all at the A’s and B’s, I had a perfect relationship with my parents. My life was perfect, nothing was gonna ruin my year. Then half way though everything turned around, I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. The day after I come back to school to see not only a note in my locker but it was not your average I love you, or even a romance letter. It was completely the opposite, matter fact it was a letter of hate. What it said was, your such a waste of space, no one will ever love you, do us all a favor and just kill yourself. The moment I saw this I completely los all hope. My grades dropped completely to D’s and F’s. My friends told me that I was worthless and a waste of space… the only one who was there for me was just this boy that I met at school… he was going though almost the same thing but also a lot worse. we made a pact that we would not self harm no matter how hard things got for us. But things got so hard foe me that I gave up and I broke our pact. He found out and he did the same thing..except he succeeded, and I lost him forever. I did not go to School for moths and I would sit in bed and cry myself to sleep every night, until I started going back to school and my youth group, I found god, and if you don’t believe in him I would highly recommend it he has saved me though many of my rough patches. I also found real friends and didn’t open up to anyone until that ik that I could trust them, with for me takes years or months. but it also up to you. a good thing I did was get rid or social because I got hate there everyday. Also ik that if you think someone is bad for you but don’t wanna loose them just do it… it was the best thing that I ever did. Guys its all ok I promise god will give you noting that you cant handle. I believe in you all. I love all of y’all

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