My Long Distance Relationship

Dedication: Pedro Ortiz

So basically, it all started before one year. It was a fresh day, I was laying on my bed and scrolling through Instagram when suddenly a post popped up, it was attractive, I went to his profile and there I started inclining towards him. Days passed away I inclined towards him a lot, then one day I thought to text him, I almost wrote a “hola ” but I was so scared that I deleted everything, again I left it to continue like that, each and every moment I used to look at his pictures, it was like a habit for me, like a drug honestly. Finally in the Month of October I saw a new post in his feed which was a music video, I tapped on it and started listening, basically it was a rap, and I loved his voice so much that I started feeling somewhat something in my heart. Ya to some people it will sound weird, but I fell in love with someone before meeting. Finally I waited a month, calmed myself and wrote a “hola” again, although I was nervous but didn’t wanted to skip. So finally I sent the text. After a while I got a reply, as I can’t even express how happy I was at that time. I was totally blushing, I was frozen with eyes wide open, I couldn’t even believe that I got a reply from the desired person. Then we started talking, slowly we get to know each other, likes, dislikes, finally I confessed my feelings to him by writing a song and singing it, in the begining he was unsure, but he took his Time and accepted it. Honestly it was the best feeling ever, ofcourse desired person accepted me, I got very close, I started loving him insanely, that I inked myself ” pedro ” his first name. I sacrificed my sleep for months, I started learning Spanish language, although it was very difficult but I gave my 101% because I truly loved him. As love is all about struggle, happiness etc. We too had many fights, situations came where he almost gave up, but he again understood me and returned. Everything was perfect. I gifted him a t-shirt too by int.courier, which he wore like often. It made me love him even more. He was a waiter in an upscale restaurant, and a singer too, he had family issues. Well, I never cared of his occupation, past, issues, blanks, the all I had and wanted to give was love, love and more love. I disabled my main page just to create a separate world with him, I recreated a new one where I only posted him and he was my only follower, because I wanted it to stay secret because people like to ruin things. Then comes his birthday, I swear that I was much more excited for his birthday than him. I got him a diary, in which each and every page contained about him, only him. He said me that he would come to take me with him, he would take care of me. I shared it with my mom and she was very happy and had complete faith in him. I used to take care of him at a distance by giving suggestions, and he used to like it. Suddenly our conversation dropped as days passed because he went totally busy making new songs one after one, I missed him but i thought I should give him some space too..then everything came back to normal, we had 2-3 hour call, even tough it was difficult for me speaking Spanish yet he loved it, we opened the book of memories it was very sweet. Everything was fine, but 2days ago, he left me for someone else near his home, I can’t even express how much it hurt, I still hurts! His new bio updated written ” mi amor @ ” and a new story where he wrote a song for her. I am heartbroken, I was the one who gave my everything for him, and the place which I deserve is stolen away by someone else who did nothing, so, Do efforts really doesn’t matter? True love doesn’t matter?

Lately I’ve been depressed, people said to move on and forget him. I then locked myself in a room and sat alone thinking about everything, and I came across to a solution that the soul, the real person inside me loves him, my heart loves him, even if it’s hard to see things I cannot give up. I too understand when someone leave us left behind we lose trust, but what if things change? It may take time but what if? So I ain’t gonna give up on him, I’ll still be trying for someone who’s happy without me because I believe in God and he sees my struggle and he’ll bring me back my love, my Pedro Ortiz. You’re the only person for me, no matter what happens! My eyes too met a lot of eyes, but got lost in yours.

Lastly I want to say him that
” Te Amo❤️ ”
I hope you return asap.

You can see a file attached on our journey.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of the storyteller.