Hey everyone!
I’m sure any of you have had a bad experience with love a’d ended up with a heart broken… It’s not nice at all!
But my story is so special, because life gave me the most beautiful human in the universe, but I couldn’t save that gift.
Let’s start by introducing myself to you guys, I’m a young 24 years old, who grow up in a poor family and I had to move out to an other city to finish my studies in the university since I was 17 and I was fighting by myself to be something important, to get a good job and help my family.

But it ended up by working in a night club as a prostitute. Since I was 22 I started working in prostitution, it’s not an easy job… Too many difficulties in the beginning until I’ve got used to it.

By the time I’ve become profesional, by a coincidence one night when I was working, I’ve met that guy, he was like an angel, very beautiful and sweet, he paid me already to book me for 2 nights already, partying in the club… Then when we cameback home, he didn’t want to have any sex of me… He just want my company and to stay with him, then he kissed me and he went to sleep… I litteraly felt like it was my first kiss in my life,never had that feeling before.

After that day I knew I fell in love with him, and I was worried, he went back to his country and cameback again for seeing me… We started dating, we had a proper relationship, we were always arguing and cameback to each other, the worst part in all of this, was my work… Couldn’t do it anymore. It so sad because I only want to be with him and it was impossible for me to stop by that time, only God knows my situation and if I feed my family they will be starving.

I fall in love with him, and it was a pure innocent love.we were missing each other a lot, every one or two weeks he used to come to see me, the last time I saw him it was in January 2020, after that he had an accident, and he was disabled and not able to get off on bed. It was the hardest part because I’m not able to go to him and see him, then things has changed with covid, no flights…our relationship is getting to be an impossible mission.that day when we were arguing and blocking each other he blocked my number forever, I tried to contact him from a hundred number, I tried and I tried for nearly two years now, I was depressed, heart broken and broke, lifeless and not able to do anything in life, I died that day but still not buried, 25th August I lost my mom because of covid, I sold everything I used to have and I booked a flight ticket and run away from everything since 8 months now, and I’m still depressed from both sides, I lost two people I loved the most, and here I’m in telling you my story from turkey, the man I loved left me for no reason and it’s not easy to live with that, I’m crying every night and I’m only able to see our pictures and our videos together, and there’s no hope that we gonna meet again, I only wish him the best and he’s gonna be always a part of me, my life right now is only about him, I’m planning to get the visa somehow just to go to see him for once, and if I’m to die after that, I’ll die comfortably.

Hope you guys enjoyed my story, I’m so heart broken that I’m not able to talk about it to someone else.