My life story (written by my nine year old self)

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this story to Layla and Hailey,I SHALL LOVE TOU BOTH FROEVER AND LONGER!

When I was about four and my parents would fight a lot and like a lot, a lot. So my older sister brought me and my siblings to her room. My brother would just leave and my little sister was too little to understand what was happening. So I would have to put on a strong face. Which ment I would force myself to not cry. After awhile my best friend died. No, she was not a human she was a dog the best dog ever in fact and her name was Layla. I eventually became depressed and started having suicidial thoughts and no one could help me. Then in fourth grade puberty hit me while I was nine. I had all the stages happen in one year and my period had even happend. Then I met my stepsisters who introduced me to FNaF (Five nights at Freddy’s). I was too scared to love so if I had a crush in my class I would mentally slap myself for it. I also started getting into Fights with boys and since I was a girl I was made fun of for this. I had a quick tongue and great reflexes so I often left fights without a single bruise.