Dedication: To all young mothers in the world and to all girls supported by Adolescent Gate Organization

ophia is 23years old living at Nyanshana, she got child when she was at age of 17 this situation have lead her on number of challenges which has limit her to attain what she was planned after complete school. According to her pregnancy period have forced her to start learning new life and prepare to become mother to her this was not a good situation because everything was new. After joined Adolescent Gate Organization she had opportunity to learn different issues includes parenting, hygiene, small business skills and have time with other girls make new friendship with girls who had the same experience in Nyamagana District. Sophia have been trained on leadership which has enabled her to lead other girls in the group and now they have developed a session called “MY STORY” where girls like Sophia are sharing stories and helping each other on how they can address raise challenges as well as discuss the best option to generate income.

Different session organized by Adolescent Gate Organization staffs have helped me to change my life and now I am very happy that I can manage to run my own business and generate income without depending on my parent compare to the time before I joined Adolescent Project.

“for the past few years before joined the program that facilitated by Adolescent Gate Organization I have no hope I thought my life will end this way and I was disappointed with my life. Because of pregnancy I even lost support which I was received from parent hence life situation was very bad, Joining girls group which was formed by Adolescent Gate Organization again have helped me to find myself and focus on how I can recover the time lost during the pregnancy period “.
Leading girls in the group has little challenges but with my past experience which I used to share with girls have helped to simply the work girls have been learning a lot from these stories in one way or another it has helped them to focus on their dream the opportunity of attended in different seminars have also added me with leadership skills which I always sharing with my fellow during the group sessions.
Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.