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I am Vaishali Singh sharing story of my motherhood. Like every other girl i also had big dreams about my career but due to pregnancy complications ..i left my so full fledged career for my daughter.. It’s not that I am sad or upset about this maternity break…but this break help me to find wat was missing from my life. Unfortunately this corona pandemic came and the opportunity to work with a kid become zero …As i was a hotelier and we all know what was the situation of hospitality in past few year…Then one day this idea came in my mind that why can’t I help mothers to send Preschoolers to my small home set of playschool… and by God Grace and my hard work i started running my own play school..Today i owner of my own business managing both home and work .. Meanwhile my angel turned 3 now planning for a big launch of my school …So moral of story don’t just wait for opportunity create your own opportunity..
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Vaishali Singh

I am a mom and a play school owner