Me and my dyslexia

At the age of eight after a diagnosis i have been told i had a math dyslexia. At first, i didn’t really get what it means, but later, when i was about eleven, i started feeling like i was good at nothing. All of my classmates were always looking bad at me when the math teacher called me at the blackboard. Once i was just too afraid to get up and be humiliated in front of everyone and i just refused to go, and then he told my dad about it. He didn’t understand what i was passing through, and neither my parents did. so i was completley alone, because none of my friends was dyslexic, and the only pearson that could help me was my pedagogyst, who slowly became my psychologist, but i was able to see her only once a week. Everytime i was told to go at the blackboard i was shaking, sweating, and became pallid. Some of my old classmates used to laught at my back, they tought that i was stupid. At that time i was just too young and weak to understand that they were the real weaks. not me. I was just tryng to survive but it was not easy, many times i even thought about suicide because of my parents. See, it wasn’t at school the real huge problem, it was at home. My parents used to yell at me all the time when they came back from the meeting with math teacher, he used to say terrible things about me, without even known me, and they just believed him, a man they did not know, instead of their daughter. I started having emotional crisis, i just cried every week, for a very long time. But then, finally, middle school ( the grades here in Italy are different than USA) ends, and at the age of 14 i started high school, and everything about dyslexia became easier. Here Teachers are capable in understand my problem, not just mine, but the same of 3 Others wonderful classmates, that i’m really glad i met. I am now much more self-confident, and nobody would be able to related me as the same girl i was five years ago. Now i’m sixteen and proud of who i am and of course, i’m still not good at math and i still go to my psycologist sessions, because they really help me and make me feel better, and because she became a really good friend. I understood that we all have our personal weakness, but whatever it is it doesn’t make us who we are, it doesn’t differentiating from the pearson we really want to become. I hope i helped someone with this little story, i apologize for the grammar mistakes, but in my defense, i’m italian and dyslexic!
And remember: HOLD ON! You’ll find someone who really appreciate who you are, just keep looking!