How I overcame

Dedication: This story is dedicated to all the young girls and women all over the world, who at some point in their childhood were raped,but due to fear of what society will think of them,remained silent.I pray this story gives you a voice and the courage to speak out.

I want to share my story because i think it’s time others learn from my experience.Growing up as a young girl,i was raped at age 9 by our then house boy.trying to live with the shame of that incident made me an introvert,and afraid even to live out my childhood.I wouldn’t play with kids my age of even engage in activities at school because I knew my childhood innocence had been stolen from me.I lived with that till I was 25.I got married,and a week later,my now ex husband went to jail for a crime he committed.I was then again plunged into depression and fear of public judgement.The pain increased when my divorce was finalized a year later.I became a shadow of myself.with the increasing pain if loneliness and the fear of being judged by friends and family and even men I will meet in later life,i resorted to a solitary life away from everyone.I joined a local church,and one evening I was asked to give a short testimony if how I came to Christ.That was when I had the opportunity to share my story,and for the first time,i was amazed how people got inspired because of it.I have learnt to accept who I am and what I have been through,and to look forward to the amazing journey ahead of me.I have this advice to young girls going through their own tough moments.Motivate yourself,inspire are your own masterpiece.Only you can determine whether you emerge victorious or you die a coward.Life can only bend can’t break you.After you have cried it out,wake up and run again,like the lioness that you are.The race is not for the weak,but the fierce at heart.Thank you for reading this

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Solange Bih

I am 26 years old,a Cameroonian living in Cameroon.I am a teacher and a women and girls advocate.