Rolling Hope

Dedication: This Story is dedicated to my older Brother Neko Lawson Who lost his life In an automobile accident.

My name is Ronnie Tre Lawson from Macon, Georgia. I graduated from Westside high school.
Prior to my accident I was a scholar with a 3.0 GPA. June 11, A day I’ll remember for the rest of my life. But where do I start with the troubles or the happiness. Not knowing that it marked the last day I was on my feet walking. Could it have been avoided or was this destined for me, nobody really knows. I’m blessed to still take another breath. Let’s start with the good just a week or two ago I had just walked the stage receiving my high school diploma but a week before that winning the Meet of champions, being ranked the #1 300 hurdler in the State and #15 around the United States of America. I was determined to be the #1 hurdler racing hours before prom. Next day, waking up to several universities calling trying to recruit me. Top schools such as USC, Florida, Clemson, UTEP and several more schools. Now let’s get to the heart breaker. Walking off the track heading to the car with my brothers not knowing these would be the last steps I will be taking, the last time my back would be together, the last time my intestines would be the same. In the car the driver fell asleep, then waking up 4 weeks later from a coma in the hospital. Not being able to move my legs, with my stomach wide open and with minor brain damage (4 different injuries Brain, Spine, Spinal cord &, Abdominal Damage). I come to the actuality I was paralyzed from the waist down. Sitting in the room thinking I am less of a human. Why did this happen to me lord, not even wanting to live again wanting to give up on life, crying day in and day out heart broken dreams crushed. Thinking this is the end and all my dreams are gone and, will I run again. Seeing your parents hurt, everybody in your family hurt, wondering was it my fault. Stressing and barely talking. I was depressed. Praying to God what is next, am I still a human, why me, why me. Later moving up to shepherds looking at others noticing that I wasn’t in the worst shape it could’ve been worse. Waking up early Monday through Friday at 6 am getting my ass whooped in therapy thinking this must be the worst thing I have ever been through; “do I want to give up?” Weeks later finding that my legs are starting to move thinking in my mind there is still hope. Then being able to start walking using a walker to this day. Noticing that maybe my dreams may be relived soon. I’m glad I didn’t give up. Never give up because remember there is someone who is doing worse than you. God has a Plan for all of us. After realizing that I’ll be over to overcome this obstacle I decided to begin a brand that will help others who may not have the same opportunity to get better with similar injuries. The money I raise through my “Rolling Hope” brand will be used to further research in spinal cord injuries so that one day the world will equally treat humans no matter of their circumstances. God created everyone equally so with Rolling Hope the big picture is equality. Although, I didn’t go to college on scholarships I still went no matter my circumstances and I’m still determined to succeed to this day. Now I’m in college obtaining my dual degree in Pre-Education and special education. I’m focused on growing my brand worldwide!

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