last hope- From Allah

I am a teen muslim girl who currently shifted from the UK to Pakistan. It’s been a year. Wow.. a year.. so quick but life changing. I at the age of 9-12 use to be a very obedient,innocent,religious,independent,hard-working girl. As I loved going to school I didn’t care much about other stuff revolving around me . As soon as I got into the middle of year 5.. covid-19 came and destroyed my life. It ruined that hard-working girl that I was. As the school gave work to do at first I would do it and then later as covid spread more and more. I thought that the school wouldnt check the work. So, at first I did a little work due to my parents telling me to. later when I turned 11 I became lazy and stopped doing my work. I became distracted to my phone and I wouldn’t pay much attention to my work. Later, when covid ended I was so happy and excited at first that I was going back to school finnaly. Little did I know, covid was still a thing and it kept occuring in the class next to me in year 6 so we had to isolate ourselves for 2 weeks for on and on where the school decided that they were going to seperare the 2 classes. That seemed to have work. After, year 6 finished I ended up with avrg numbers so I got in to the top 3 sets. I had the best year 7 and was so excited to have a great year ahead little did I know, there was a life changing moment waiting for me before schools started I had to quit and leave my country because my grandmother is old and my aunt’s don’t take good care of her. Me and my family shifted and my dad renovated our 1 floor and admitted in to the BEST (according to my like and smart cousins) which turned my life upside down got me anxiety,scared I dont want to remember those moments again Tjat one Urdu teacher would taunt me for failing. In the end, I ended up failing in maths and Urdu which made me repeat my class. I repeated and everything was going fine until these summer vacations. I got so much homework and this slowly led me into depression,stress, severe anxiety,overwhelmed emotions. I could complete some but tommorw is my last due day I did as much as I could but not all of english. So now I’m stressed about how to explain to my teacher. A random thought came in to my mind and made me realize that I’m moving from my Deen now I am starting to improve it from today onwards . I will pray istikhara from tommorw and tahajjud. Subhanallah, I am trying to get back on my Deen I realised that all these depression and failing were a test from Allah. I learned from this that there is that hope even if it’s small but Allah gives you that Last hope. HE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. He said “dont loose hope or be sad”

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I am a 13 year old Muslim girl who was suffering from depression and was far from her Deen. I alhamdulillah am getting closer to my Deen. THis school and all was a test.