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Dedication: to all who is going thru bad time

I want to share this experience to others that are going though bad times or have already done so,This is my story that happened to me back in 2008. It is true and i had my brother with me to witness that i had encounter….
Firstly i will introduce my self…My name is Trevor Cadman and at that time i was a artist full time painting in now age 64…let me begin..

I was going thru a divorce and very depressed and felt i just wanted to end it all,,,,I did not go out the house or paint for 3 months prior to this.. …One night i was laying in bed and i felt there was some one or something in the same room….yes i was scared so i went down stairs made a coffee, after a hour i went back to bed just laying there thinking of being alone in and out of doze and then….i felt not only someone there but something touch me on my forehead im sure it was a hand,, i felt the warmth..i screamed and shouted and ran out of the room,,my sister hear me shouting o she got up and came down to see why….i told her wot i had experienced…and i never slept in that room again,,,this wasn’t the end to this…

December 10th my brother call me and he new i was depressed so he said to me he is doing a craft fair local to him and said i should try getting out of the house and back to work ..painting..and said i should do the craft fair with my paintings as well,,,so i did

We drove there in out cars with all the things to display and sell…..5,00 am and absolutely freezing…we set up our pitches and i was so cold and said to brother,I’m going to the car and get warmed up ..sat in my car with engine running for the heat to come and i fell asleep short time then hear my phone ring> it was my brother,,and he said there is a woman here want to see me….In a hurry i walked back to the pitch and i noticed where my paintings are,,there is a woman with bright red hair standing waiting for me,,as i got very close to her she held my hand and said, You have had a very bad time,but dont worry, Everything happens for a reason,just believe….She let go of my hand and walked away……brother said,WHO the hell was that …..i dont know. i replied……The next morning i had to give brother a hand to take somethings to a shop in that same area Chelmsford… we was talking to the owner for about 40 mins and as i was walking towards the door i noticed a huge bowl on the counter full of keyrings,,,i put my hand in and pulled 1 out….it is a 1 inch square metal polished plate and the inscription read,,,Everything happens for a reason,,on the back of it reads Just believe….OMG i thought and i payed for it…looking for another in the bowl and the owner said nothing in this shop will be the same….so i had a 1 off….it was realy on my mind that morning the red hair lady said…….but again IT didnt stop there…….Me and brother walked out of the shop….And there she was again she held my hand and said NOW DO YOU BELIEVE……from that day on my life did….my worries gone,,,my life was back for the better…im not a religious man and dont believe in ghosts…to this day,,,,i dont know how his woman new wot i was going throu….and i no my brother would never chat to a strange lady….i have still got that key ring and always will………

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Trevor Cadman

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